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What is SOGEA Broadband?

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

In summary, it is a hybrid solution of traditional copper wiring and modern fibre broadband technology whereby fibre technology comprises the majority of the cabling. As stated in the name, SOGEA is a single order variant meaning providers can order broadband without a traditional landline.

This means that a customer cannot make calls via that line. So if a customer wants to make calls they would need to upgrade to an internet based solution such as VoIP phone system.

What speeds can you get with SOGEA?

Max Download Speed
Max Upload Speed

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SOGEA Broadband

Enterprise-Grade Router

With our SOGEA Broadband package for businesses we include a highly reliable and strong performing Draytek router.

Free Migration

We can migrate your legacy broadband connections over to SOGEA at no extra cost to yourself.

Quicker Install

SOGEA Broadband can be provided by us and installed in as little as 5 working days  (depending on engineer availability).


No Internet, No Problem

Is your broadband connection vital to your business? As an optional extra we can provide 4G failover broadband.

No Phone Line

SOGEA Broadband is a data-only product meaning you don’t have to pay extra for line rental.

Friendly & Professional

Our “Excellent Rated” UK team are here and are happy to support you and your business. Have a question? Give us a quick call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Openreach have decided that by the end of 2025 they will close the PSTN network; meaning services that run on a landline will no longer work such as broadband and calls. Customers will be unable to place calls via their landlines. In place customers are expected to move to voice services such as VoIP and upgrade to SOGEA broadband.

Businesses and residential customers must also consider that any services that run over the phone line such as alarms and payment terminals will also no longer function and so will need to upgrade to an IP solution.

Read our article on the Openreach PSTN withdrawal to find out more information.

The maximum download and upload speeds possible with SOGEA broadband are as follows:

  • SOGEA 40 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload.
  • SOGEA 80 Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload.
  • Future-proofed ahead of the PSTN Withdrawal
  • Simplified order process
  • Reduced cost
  • Quicker install and lead times
  • Quicker problem resolving


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With us (Globe2), Business Broadband can take as little as five days to be installed depending on the service you choose. This is dependent on engineer availability.

Other UK providers may take longer to install your broadband.

The main difference between SOGEA and FTTC is that SOGEA is data-only meaning you cannot use the voice services on the line. Instead, customer will have to purchase an over the top solution such as an Internet Phone System.

We use a highly reliable and powerful Draytek router for our Business Broadband connections. Existing VDSL or Fibre router should also work but we advise checking with the manufacturer first.

The faceplate used for your current connection will remain the same unless you have requested an Openreach engineer to attend your site when setting up your connection. The engineer will update your faceplate should your existing faceplate not be up to date.

SOGEA pricing can vary depending on the speed required and supplier. Pricing may also vary dependent on whether you need SOGEA Internet for personal or business use.

If you are looking for SOGEA Business Broadband, use our availability checker at the top of this page to get started to see our pricing.

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