New Microsoft Business licenses announced

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Microsoft announces new licenses

Microsoft has launched new Microsoft 365 Business licences (Basic, Standard and Premium) which do not include Teams. The pricing has yet to be confirmed but is expected to be between 10% and 20% cheaper than the current licenses that do include Teams.

Existing Business licenses to continue

Existing Business licenses will continue to be offered at the current pricing and customers will existing Microsoft Business licenses will see no change. Customers can opt for the new licenses when purchasing or renewing.

What is Teams?

Teams is Microsoft’s team collaboration application, offering video conferencing, messaging and file storage amongst other things. It is widely used by organisations, especially when workers are remote or on multiple sites.

Who will benefit from the new licenses?

People who work alone could opt for the new license as Teams would probably be unncessary – however they may opt for the cheaper personal Microsoft licenses anyway. 

This will primarily be beneficial to organisations who have opted for whatever reason not to use Teams – they do exist, but are I think in the minority. 

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