We’ve upgraded our VoIP security


As part of our ongoing security review we have released a new enhancement to our VoIP platform, providing our customers with maximum security along with total flexibility.

Globe2 VoIP customers can now register which IP addresses are permitted to register an extension associated with your account, ensuring that non-registered IPs are unable to make calls.

If you have a worker who logs into their extension from both the office and also from home, you can allow both IP addresses access to the extension, but if any other IP address attempts to use it they will be barred from making any calls.

Similarly, if you have someone who travels frequently and logs in via wifi hotspots as and when, you can allow that one specific extension total freedom to login via any IP – whilst not compromising any other extensions on your account.

This upgrade compliments our already existing system of allowing our customers to restrict or allow calls to specific countries, cities or even individual numbers by extension – thus providing maximum security with maximum flexibility.

If you use VoIP but do not have the tools to ensure that your account is not compromised by a malicious hacker contact us today to see how we are able to provide cost effective business VoIP solutions that you can rely on.