Case study: How can I easily record telephone conversations?


A call recording solution case study : NPM Solutions

The client

Never Pay More Solutions specialises in working with businesses to ensure they have the cheapest ultility contract available.
The job spec
A regulatory requirement of the market in which the client operates is that all conversations with customers are recorded and stored for six years. Our client needed a telecoms solution where each operator had their own direct line for making and receiving calls, and that every conversation made was automatically recorded.
The solution
Call recording is now commonplace with companies who take verbal contracts but they can be a major headache, with many of the solutions available having significant drawbacks:
  • you can attach a device to a phone, but you need one for every phone you use
  • you may also have to remember to press a button to record, if you don’t then you have to call the client back
  • you can have a local PBX and record all calls, but a PBX is costly to install and requires maintenance

We were able to provide individual lines to each operator and enable full voice recording on both incoming and outgoing calls. This is adjustable by extension and can be turned on and off as required.

All recordings are centrally stored by default for 14 days on our servers. Whilst we can provide the facility to store recordings indefinitely the client chose instead to have FTP access to recordings and download them for local storage.

In addition we were able to provide cost effective call packs to minimise the overall cost of the system, which is an ideal solution for business with heavy telephone usage.

The result

“An essential part of our business is a requirement for full voice recording for verbal contracts – Globe2 make this extremely easy and the cost of our calls are also very competitive – I can’t recommend Globe2 highly enough!”

Ahmed Hajat

Director, NVP Solutions

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