Integrating SMS messages into your VoIP system


Did you know that you can send and receive SMS messages via your Globe2 account?

Text messages sent to any registered Globe2 number will be forwarded on as an email. You can set a different email address for each telephone number registered, or the same address for all numbers. There is no cost to receive and SMS and the sender will be charged the normal tariff as per their own telecoms provider.

It is also possible to send SMS messages via your Globe2 account online interface. Messages cost 7p per text sent. It is possible to send a text message to multiple recipients, each recipient would result in a 7p charge to your account.

For advanced users we provide the tools to allow you to intergrate received SMS messages into whatever online CMS system you use.

This is a great cost effective means of keeping in touch when abroad by saving on expensive roaming charges, and also means that you can send messages without having to bother with fiddly mobile phone keypads.