Integrated SMS within the CRM – text your customers easily


The Globe2 Hosted CRM now has integrated SMS functionality, so you are able to text your customers directly from the CRM interface using the Globe2 hosted VoIP service.


Does it cost to set up?

If you already subscribe to the CRM and have a Globe2 VoIP number it costs nothing additional to set this up, you just need to contact Support to turn the functinality on

What number will be displayed as the outgoing number?

You can choose any regional landline number on your account. If you don’t have a regional landline number we would need to add one.

What happens if someone replies to the text?

We can configure incoming texts to be sent to you via email, or forwarded onto your mobile as required.

What is the advantage of the integrated SMS?

It will mean your staff are able to contact your clients via SMS using a single number associated with your company, and replies can also be centralised. In addition, it’s easier to type on a computer than type via a mobile phone!

For our international customers it is also a way of sending/receiving SMS to the UK market.

How much do the SMS messages cost?

Each message costs £0.07 to send.

Contact us today to setup integrated SMS in your CRM.