Trading terms – Office365 annex

Terms of Service for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office365)

Microsoft Cloud Agreement

To provide you with Microsoft 365 service, you agree that you have read the you have read the Microsoft Cloud Agreement and accept its terms within.

Subscription Term

The subscription will run for concurrent subscription terms, automatically renewing at the end of each subscription term.

A subscription can be cancelled prior to the end of a subscription term. In this case  however  you  may  have  to  pay  an  early  termination  fee. Any termination fee is subject to a maximum of the number of months remaining on the subscription multiplied by the highest monthly fee paid during the Subscription term.

Fees and payment

The Service will be invoiced in arrears and also in advance.

Where you create a new Subscription, or add an additional service or licence to an existing subscription, the first charge
for that subscription, service or licence will be made on the next billing  date,  and  will  consist  of  a  pro  rata  charge  for  the  period  between  activation  and  the billing date plus advanced payment for the following month.

On each subsequent billing date you will pay in advance for the following month.

Privacy and Customer Data

Globe2 acts as a reseller of Microsoft products. Personal data that you provide to us may be passed on to and processed by Microsoft and Giacom in the provision of the service.

It is your responsibility to notify and obtain consent from individual users of the service that their data may be processed for the purpose of disclosing it to law enforcement or other governmental authorities.