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We all wish there was more time in the day, don’t we? With these handy keyboard shortcuts there will be. Each of the keyboard shortcuts listed below (Windows only, MAC’s may differ) will help increase your productivity so you can spend more time doing what you are good at.

How to undo changes you have made.

  1. Press Ctrl + Z. Done. Depending on the program, you may be able to press this multiple times. To redo press Ctrl + Y.

How to switch between programs/windows fast and easily.
This is my favourite; this saves so much of my time because my fingers don’t have to leave me keyboard. It’s simply yet effective.

  1. When you would like to change between windows simply press or hold the Alt and Tab keys on your keyboard at the same time.
  2. If you press them once you will switch to the window that was previously open. If you hold on Alt key down you can keep pressing the tab key to select the window or program you wish to use.

How to see all windows/programs that are open and then easily switch between them.
This shortcut is much like the above, however with this one it will show you all windows open and leave them on screen.

  1. Press the windows button/icon and the Tab key on your keyboard at the same time.
  2. You may now use your arrow keys to select which window you would like to change to or you can press the Windows Button and Tab to return to return to the program you were using.

How to lock your computer in seconds.
This one is simple and effective and saves so many of my precious seconds. This is a super-simple way to lock your computer when you are about to leave the office.

  1. Press the Windows Button + “L” on your keyboard and your computer will instantly lock.

How to easily find what you are looking for on a page.
Now this one I use everyday and it is so effective and saves time looking for a specific item on a page for instance let’s say I am searching for a specific call recording in our call recordings page.

  1. I would simply click Ctrl + “F” on my keyboard at the same time and then I would type in the number I am trying to find i.e. 03333446441.
  2. Then this will take me to any word (or in this case number) that matches my search. If  the webpage finds multiple matches for your search you can press the enter button on your keyboard to go to the next one.

That’s all for now, check back in our next newsletter for our next tech tip.

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