Someone tried to hack us…

Over the past couple of weeks we have noticed that there have been multiple attempts to hack into our website from an IP address located in China, despite the fact that we already strictly control access to this.

Looking at what they were doing we discovered that they were attempting to use a built-in WordPress API which in effect allows third party applications access to the back end site infrastructure; although the existing site security had blocked them, we have now put in place additional measure to restrict access to the API in question.

It is common for hackers to try and exploit website vulnerabilities for a number of reasons (access your data, hijack your site, place malware content on your site etc) so it is important that you have in place measures to protect and monitor your site.

What we did and what you can do

  • We checked to make sure our users passwords were long, unique. (which they were as they were created by our password manager).
  • We created more restricted rules for the punishment for the failed logins. (i.e. 2 failed logins will restrict access for 30 minutes)
  • We restricted access to both the WordPress login page and the API.
  • We set up rules to notify us of failed login attempts

Do you need help?

We hope that this article helps you think more about the security of your website. Should you need any help with adding an extra layer of security to your site get in contact today.