January Chrome 56 update, is your site ready?


If your site accepts a password (most sites now do, any site that is database driven allows users to login in order to update their site – think WordPress etc), then Google Chrome are due to roll out a change that will potentially affect you, with other browsers pending.

What will happen?

At the moment, if a site does not have a security certificate in place, just to the left of the URL Chrome displays a small ! mark in a circle to denote that the site is insecure. It’s easily missed. This January Google intend on strengthening this warning with the addition of the words ‘Not secure’ before the website address. Eventually the intention is to change the circle to a triangle, and highlight both the sign and the words Not secure in red.

Why is this important to me?

Regardless of whether it is only you that logs into your website, if users see a red warning that the site is not secure, they are likely to leave directly.



When will this change take place?

Google say the first stage will take place this January (with an expected release date of January 31st), with later changes pending further updates to their browser.

Where can I get more information?


What can I do about it?

In order to avoid your users receiving a warning, you need to install a security certificate and update links to your site to use https. Please contact us if you need assistance or think your site needs updating.