Insight – what we use for: passwords


We are bombarded with different products or services to manage our lives, it can be difficult working out which one is the best solution for your needs. We spend quite a lot of time trying out new products, so thought we might save you some time by telling you what we use, and why.


You are significantly increasing the chances of becoming a victim of an online attack if you:

  • Use the same password for more than one website or service
  • Use a weak password (it is recognisable word or sequence of numbers, is linked in some way to you personally i.e. uses birthdays etc)
  • Are in the habit of sharing passwords via email

Most people today will have to remember a large number of passwords – the only real way of using unique, hard to guess passwords with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, is to use a password manager.

What use

We tried a large number of different services but have settled on Dashlane as the best product for our needs.


  • encorces ‘best practice’
  • password generator
  • integration with your browser, with auto-login
  • notification of compromised services
  • synchronisation between devices
  • just one (hard to guess!) password to remember
  • support for fingerprint authentication


  • sharing between team members could be better

There is a free version and a premium version – you need the premium version for synchronised passwords between multiple devices. Get a free 6 month trial of Premium here, (new users only).