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Your local independent FREE, A5 full colour bi-monthly magazine, dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of local businesses, charities, community groups and anything and everything of interest in your area. It is delivered door to door to more homes than any other magazine in the area. Established in 2015, Adsauce is a reputable product and has become a trusted source of information for it’s readers.



About this project

Our goal for AdSauce was to be for our advertisers to be the first thing visiors see what they click onto the website. Thus giving them even more exposure. We added a advanced search form so visitors can easily navigate through the directory, along with the search option we have made it possible for business owners to add there company details onto the site FREE of charge.

AdSauce also has a E-Commerce solution under the ‘Advertise’ menu where customers can purchase advertising space in our magazine.