Virgin Media to increase prices, learn how to beat it.


Yet again, Virgin Media are increasing their prices of most of their packages by up to 5%. Luckily, Globe2 are on hand to help you not pay more. This new change will take place on the 1st November this year.

How much?

Virgin Media prices will be going up from £1.99 and £3.99 a month, with customers on broadband, phone and TV customers prices rising between £3.49 – £3.99. For those who only have broadband only or broadband and phone packages they can see price rises from £1.99 – £2.99. This will come as a blow for Virgin Media customers  as this is the second price increase in the space of nine months.

Why are the prices increasing?

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We do everything we can to balance keeping our prices competitive while investing to meet the ever-increasing appetite for broadband and content.

“Online usage increased by more than 35pc in the last year and streaming now accounts for nearly 60pc of the total traffic on Virgin Media’s network.

“We’re investing more in our ultrafast network to continue offering the UK’s fastest widely-available speeds.

“This all comes on top of must-see TV programming – from Virgin TV Exclusives to the only place where you can watch all of the live football action from both Sky and BT Sport in a single package.”

What can I do?

Virgin Media has warned that these price increase could take place as soon as October 2017, but for most the price increases should start from November 2017.

Virgin Media is obliged to give you 30 days notice of any price rise under Ofcoms rules, by either email or letter. Under the Ofcom rules, a customer who doesn’t want to pay the increased price doesn’t have to and are allowed to cancel their contract or switch provider without any penalty. If you are lucky, when you call Virgin Media asking to leave they may offer you a discount, but we are not responsible if they don’t.

If you decide that your Virgin Media prices are becoming hefty, contact us today to see if we can provide you with superfast fibre broadband.