Upgrade from Windows 7 or your business could face the consequences!


Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 is reaching its end of life, meaning businesses who use this operating system can become insecure if they do not upgrade or purchase an Extended Security updates package.

What is the risk to your business?

Hackers are known to target (vulnerable) out-of-date software as they no longer receive critical security updates, which leaves your devices open to hackers.

For example, Wannacry (a ransomeware, which attacked the NHS) targeted operating systems that were not up to date. According to the Department of Health the attack on the NHS cost around £92 million and so businesses should look to upgrade there devices as soon as possible. This means by keeping out-dated software on your devices your devices may not be secure.

When will Windows 7 no longer receive security updates?

As from 14th January, so you haven’t got long! The exception to this is ofcourse if you are paying for extended security updates from Microsoft.

What can you do?

Upgrade to the latest version of Windows, which will allow you to continue to receive the latest bug and security fixes for your device. At the time of writing this article, Windows 10 is the latest operating system.

How can I upgrade and how much will it cost?

We suggest that your upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and it is simple to do so. If you buy Windows 10 directly from Microsoft it could cost you around £120-£220 per machine (dependent on the license you require), however you can buy a product key directly from us and we will support you on a monthly contract.

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