Rural community effort rewarded with ultra-fast broadband


12 rural villages in the Test and Dun valley in Hampshire are to get ultra fast broadband from Virgin Media, after a campaign by a local community group.

The area, where currently some users are unable to upload or download files at all due to poor speeds, will be supplied with 350 Mbps connections after the upgrade.

While this is a welcome boost to the area, Virgin would only make the commitment after 30% of local residents signed up to their services, which each customer facing a £300 connection fee.

What this means to you

Residents of rural communities have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of provision by Openreach and are looking at independent alternatives. This is one example of a community coming together to make it worthwhile for a supplier to come in with a serious option. Smaller scale alternatives are also springing up with companies around the country offering services based on WiFi beamed into the area rather than a hard-wired connection.

The Internet landscape is constantly changing, so if you are suffering from poor rural internet it is worth revising the offers in your area regularly – and if you know of enough people in your area who are equally frustrated, consider getting together to contact suppliers as a group.