Road conditions


What do road conditions have to do with VoIP?

Consider that the effect of the recent snow conditions are expected to cost more than £1 billion, with up to 20% of the UK’s workforce unable to get into work – and that this could be minimised by providing workers with the tools they need to work from home. Voice over IP (VoIP) telecommunications is just one way in which the effect of the annual winter weather conditions canbe minimised.

VoIP telecommunications allows users to make and receive calls as if they were in the office; internal calls between VoIP phones are free and calls can be transferred from one extension to another seamlessly, regardless of where the phone is located, allowing businesses to offer customers an unaffected level of service whether employees are at home or at work.

If you think that this weather is a ‘one-off’ take a look at the following chart showing that every winter there is a significant number of searches relating to the snow and road conditions:

As well as providing additional functionality, VoIP is siginficanly cheaper than regular landline phones, with standard rates being up to 5 times cheaper than the standard BT day rate with costs up to 25 times cheaper depending on packages – so you don’t really need the snow to give you an excuse to consider VoIP for your business – contact Globe2 today for a no-obligation quote on 01858 898236 or via our contact us page.

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