Purple is now GDPR Complaint.


As you may be aware, GDPR is less than 12 months away from coming into force with all businesses looking to make the changes required for compliance. Purple have announced that they have made the decision to implement the policy now and as such have made some positive changes which will have already have gone live.

Policy change
Purple have adapted the access journey end users take to ensure that “unambiguous consent” is obtained, meaning that you will continue to be able to access and use customer data for marketing purposes. As part of this process Purple have also made there Privacy Policy much shorter and easier to understand.

Profile Portal
Purple has now created the Profile Portal to allow end users to have easy access to the data we hold on them, as well as give them control over how their data is used.Purple feel that this will provide an excellent experience for your users and remove some of the burden to you of providing this information on request.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or GDPR generally, please do get in contact.