New domain extensions


Protect your brand / find the domain you always wanted – if you own a,,,, or domain you need to read this.






New industry specific domain extensions are now available:

.directory .equipment .gallery .graphics .lighting .photography .technology .today .bike .singles .clothing .guru .plumbing .camera .estate .construction .contractors .kitchen .land .holdings .ventures

More extensions will be released according to the following schedule:

26th February 2014 .diamonds .enterprises .tips .voyage
5th March 2014 .careers .photos .recipes .shoes
12th March 2014 .cab .company .domains .limo
19th March 2014 .academy .center .computer .management .systems .uno
26th March 2014 .builders .email .solutions .support .training
2nd April 2014 .camp .education .glass .institute .repair
9th April 2014 .coffee .florist .house .international .solar

If you’d like us to reserve a domain name for you please let us know.

New shorter .uk extension

If you own a,,,, or domain note that you may be eligible to buy the shorter .uk domain (before anyone else has the option) from 10th June 2014.

How do I know if I have the rights to by the .uk extension?

You can use the following tool to check : .uk rights checker

I already own a domain, why should I want another?

– to protect your brand, if you own do you want someone to register

– the shorter the URL the better, it’s less typing for customers, less chance for typos

Do I have to have two websites if I register another domain?

No, we can just point any visitors to the new domain to your existing website – or viceversa

What about emails, if I change my website how will it affect my emails?

You can have emails at either or both domains. In the same way that you can forward website visitors from one domain to the other you can do the same with emails, so you could use and just forward any emails received onto your existing

When do I lose the rights to the .uk domain and it become publicly available?

You can register your domain from June 10 2014 onwards. If you have not registered it by June 10 2019 it becomes publicly available.

If you have any questions or would like us to reserve a domain name for you please let us know.