Locked into slow broadband? Get out of Jail, Free


getoutofjailMore and more businesses can now access Superfast broadband – but what if you have just signed up to regular ADSL broadband and are in a contract? Normally you would be tied to that contract or otherwise have to pay a hefty fine to get out, but BT are increasing their prices on 1st July, which means that legally they have to give their clients the option to cancel with no penalty. See more on BT’s price rises here: http://btbusiness.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/31237/~/price-changes-from-1-july-2015.

Do you want to upgrade with no penalty for leaving BT? Find out if you can get superfast broadband, but hurry – you need to decide if you want to cancel by 1st July!