How to add Sharepoint or Onedrive to your computer

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Find out how to add SharePoint or Onedrive to your computer and learn how to save files within SharePoint or Onedrive with ease directly from Word 2016 or another Office365 application. You must first set-up your SharePoint or Onedrive account before proceeding, SharePoint and Onedrive comes with many Office365 licenses which we can provide.

How to add SharePoint/Onedrive to your Office365 applications.

  1. Open Outlook, then click File -> Office account
  2. Under “User Information” click sign in. If you are already signed in please click sign our or switch account.
  3. Then when prompted enter your email and password.

How to save files with ease to SharePoint/Onedrive with ease from an Office365 application.

In this example we will save a Word document to sharepoint.

  1. In your Word document, click file -> Save as.
  2. Then you will see your sharepoint/Onedrive folders which you can click on and then save files into.

If you do not see your SharePoint or Onedrive folders click “add a place” and then add your Onedrive or SharePoint.


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