Fighting Fake News affects social media referrals


Referrals from social media has fallen behind those from search engines for the first time since 2014, according to a report by Shareaholic, with attempts by the larger social media platforms to limit fake news and extreme content highlighted as a possible culprit for the fall.

In 2017 search engines referred 35% compared with 26% for social media.

“At a high level, it’s clear that social media’s tenuous grip on being the top referral category is over. After beating out search for the last three years, it’s given back the title, driven by changes to the algorithms behind Facebook’s news Feed says Shareaholic.

Despite a double digit drop, Facebook remained the top social media referrer, with Google the top search engine.

What this means to you

You may decide it is time to review how you prioritise your marketing resources – with social media’s consistent growth in favour of search engine traffic having been checked, are you making the most of your organic search results and should you be considering Pay per Click advertising again?