Virgin Mobile to switch users over to Vodafone network


As published from the BBC, Virgin Mobile is set to switch three million of its mobile phone customers from the BT network to Vodafone’s. But how will this affect their existing customers?

The details:

Virgin Mobile’s current contract with BT ends in 2021 and so the switch will take place after this date. It has however been revealed that Virgin will launch their 5G services with Vodafone before this 2021.

Virgin customers have been promised new features (such as 5G) and will not have to change sim cards when the switch happens. After this announcement BT shares fell around 4.7%.

The downside:

Some customers may not be happy with this switch as some customers may not be able to get coverage on Vodafone’s network and so some customers may consider switching.

Customers may also be unhappy to know that with the change of network they may get slower speeds. A spokesman for BT (who owns EE) said “Our EE network is consistently ranked number one for speed and coverage in independent benchmarking tests”. With this being said, will customers be happy with the change and can they expect reduced coverage?

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