Study shows what social trends have the biggest impact on marketing and advertising.


The Creative Group recently did a study asking 400 advertising and marketing executives which social media trends they expected to have the greatest effect on their advertising and marketing efforts in 2018.

The results

  • 33% – Social Messaging
  • 28% – Video
  • 11% – Infuencer Marketing
  • 10% – Virtual and augmented reality
  • 8% – Paid content

From the results, we can see that 1/3 of the ad and marketing executives thought that social messaging had the greatest impact on advertising and marketing, making it the top choice in the survey. An unsurprising result (Video) was also rated highly by the executives.

What does this mean for your business?
This result gives your business a good insight into how you should focus your marketing efforts. This shows that social media can have a really positive impact on marketing, however it is worth considering that these results were from asking only 400 US advertising and marketing executives.