Kaspersky denies Russian state involvement amid UK Government warnings


The UK government has issued fresh warnings that the popular Kaspersky anti-virus software could be exploited by the Russian government, something the company has denied.

Whilst the warnings relate to the potential for exploitation and not any actual wrong-doing, the government will be writing to all departments warning them against using the products for national security.

Although businesses and consumers are not being advised to stop using the software, Barclays has taken the precautionary measure to stop offering the software for free to its customers.

Anti-virus software generally require extensive access to files on computers and networks to scan for malicious code – they also require the ability to communicate back to the company to receive updates and share data on what it discovers.

What this means to you

It highlights the fact that as customers we all rely upon the integrity of third party software providers – this is unusual in that a global brand is in the spotlight, but it may provide pause for thought on what software we download and the company behind it, this is especially true for mobile apps.

With regards to Kaspersky products specifically, we would certainly recommend avoiding purchasing it in the short term.