Controversial change coming to Virgin Mobile PAYG plan. Switch to save £2,046 per year.


Virgin Media have announced plans to change there current Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan to a new service called the daily plan where you could be paying over £180 per month and switching could save you £2,046 per year!

The new daily plan:

Instead of paying per call you will now be billed per 200 calls/text or 200mb of data per day. (example below)

  • Pay £2 per day for placing between 1-200 calls.
  • Pay £2 per day for sending between 1-200 messages.
  • Pay £2 per day for using between 1kb – 200MB of data.

If you made one phone call, sent one text and used a single megabyte of data it could cost you up to £186 per month (£6 per day * 31 days).

When does this change happen and am I affected?

Virgin Mobile customers will be switched over from the 18th November 2019 as per an email obtained by Money Saving Expert. If you are affected you would have been notified by Virgin via email.

If you haven’t been notified it would be wise to check with Virgin just in case.

How to avoid the change and save £2046 per year.

We advise changing over to monthly sim only plan which will work out better for you. Remember, we can provide sim cards on O2 or Vodafone with no speed caps from £10 + VAT (£12). Switching to our plan could save you £174 per month or an amazing £2,046 per year*. Get in touch here to learn more.

*based on Globe2’s plan costing £12 inc VAT (£144 per year) per month compared to Virgin Mobile daily plan costing £6 per day (£2190 per year). Total savings per year: £2,046. Migrations excluded.

Pricing correct at time of writing.