Another day, another hack report..


This weekend (July 3rd) a service used by large numbers of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) was compromised, with the result that large numbers of their clients were subsequently affected by a ransomware attack. Globe2, nor any of our clients are directly affected by this through the use of our services.

What was the affected service?

The company affected is Kaseya, it is a provider of IT and security management solutions to MSPs and small businesses.

Why would anyone use Kaseya?

The service provided by Kaseya allows businesses to manage networked devices centrally – MSPs can then support large numbers of remote clients and their devices.

What has been the impact of the attack?

The attack has affected large numbers of businesses – mainly in Sweden – and left retailers unable to take payment for groceries, petrol or public transport tickets.

Do I need to do anything?

In the short term, if you have on-premise Kaseya Virtual Systems Administrator software, it needs to be disconnected from the Internet immediately and left unplugged until confirmed safe by Kaseya.

If you use a third party IT support company, check with them whether they use Kaseya.

Longer term, this take this as an opportunity to review what systems you use – and what systems any third party IT support company uses.

We are seeing a pattern of these services being used as a backdoor to infect large swathes of the internet at a stroke, solarwinds being the biggest recent example which even took amazon offline briefly.

Question the use of any management system used by large numbers of people as they make attractive targets to hackers.

Businesses should think that being hacked is not a question of if, but when. What disaster recovery measure do you have in place? Do you have regular backups and are they protected from a ransomware attack? Consider what the cost would be to your business if you were unable to trade for any significant amount of time and what the effect would be on your company reputation. Compare that with the cost of having an action plan in place.

If you would like to discuss this with one of the team at Globe2 either give us a call on 03333 446441, open a chat or send us a message