Case study: Looking for hosting, telecoms and web design for a small business?


A startup telesales office case study: Impact Branding Agency

The client

The Impact Branding Agency is a specialised sports sponsorship and advertising agency.

The job spec

At the time of contact the Agency was a startup company and they needed everything sorting – telecoms, Internet and website. As an advertising agency they had a number of sales staff and were heavily dependent on the telephone, as a result they wanted a system that was reliable and which also kept costs to a minimum.

Once we got the go-ahead time was of the essence, they had the office space and needed it setting up as quickly as possible.

The solution

We were able to provide them with a date for when the Internet connection would be up and running, and ensured that we had the phones and centrally managed telephone lines ready for the same day. Once the Internet was in place we were able to setup all the phones on the same day and they were then operational.

To keep costs to a minimum we offer bulk call minutes which are ideal for telesales companies.

As the business has grown we have had numerous occasions where the client has increased their team and needed additional telecoms infrastructure – our system is flexible and able to meet the demands of growing businesses.

The result


The Globe 2 system allows us complete flexibility, we are able to decrease and increase their service provision to us, at any time, and without any problem. Their customer service is prompt and reliable, and overall we are delighted.”

Tracey Penrose

The Impact Branding Agency

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