Scaleable solutions for UCR Consultants


Having provided VoIP telcoms to UCR consultants’ telesales team since July 2010 we are pleased that they chose Globe2 to help them move to newer, bigger premises with an expanded sales team and upgraded broadband provision.

Because our telecoms services can be tailored according to our clients needs we are able to grow with them and provide the appropriate level of service provision for their needs at any given time.

In this case we have been able to provide three broadband connections, one for data use and two for VoIP calls; each operator has their own direct dial number and calls coming into the general sales channel are routed to all available operators to ensure the quickest response to incoming sales enquiries.

The system comes with a centralised management console so that incoming and outgoing calls and voicemails can be monitored and call recording is mandatory to ensure no verbal contracts are missed. In addition call data can be exported for use in proprietory applications.