Internet Backup Service

What is the cost to your business if you lose the internet?



For offices, it may be lost productivity as workers cannot access cloud-based documentation. Shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs – or any business that takes card payments – may find themselves turning away business unable to take payments. More and more businesses also use Internet based phones, which means being unable to make and receive calls.


If you rely upon the internet for your business to function, an internet backup service is an essential and cost-effective safeguard.




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What are the options?

1. Integrated backup

We can now provide a SIM based 4G backup service which will automatically kick-in should your internet fail. You do not need to do anything for this to happen, and we are notified that your main Internet is down so we can investigate. Once your primary internet is restored, you will automatically switch back. PROS

  • Minimum of fuss. We can either provide a router with an embedded SIM, or if you want to continue with your router we can provide an additional 4G router which will work in tandem with this.
  • If we provide the router, the router will automatically switch to the 4g network when your main internet goes offline within 10 seconds.
  • Our support team will also be automatically notified (if we provide the router) that the router has switched to the failover 4g service.


  • You need to be sure you have a good signal. We can provide 02 or Vodafone SIMS, so check which is best for you.
  • Data SIMs have come down significantly in cost, but you would still need to consider how much bandwidth your business uses over a short period of time. If you can use less then 100GB while your primary internet is down, then nothing to worry about.

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2. Auxiliary backup

We can provide multiple line-based internet connections using different carriers to the same premises, and pre-program our router to use whichever line it is plugged into. PROS

  • With unlimited usage, just plug into whichever line you want and you are good to go.


  • You are still reliant on the Openreach network, so if it is a problem with the local exchange, you could potentially find both lines affected.
  • If one line goes down, you would have to manually plug the router into the other line, and let us know so we can investigate.

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