Case study: How do I move a WordPress blog to a new domain?


Moving a site to a new domain involves a number of steps to ensure continuity for visitors and search engines, but WordPress sites offer up additional challenges due to the way they are setup to work on a specific domain.

When the Homeworking Alliance outgrew their name and wanted to rebrand to the Homeworking and Small Business Alliance it involved moving their WordPress and Buddypress powered social network site from to

As well as multiple logins the site had multiple blogs with various contributors.

When we made the move we had to ensure that the new site was displaying correctly before directing visitors from the old domain to the new; the time between getting the new site up and running and the redirect in place had to be as short as possible to avoid new additions to the old site which would then be lost.

The result

We made the successful transfer and quickly put in place a permanent redirect, so any visitors typing in the old domain would be seemlessly transferred to the new domain without needing to do anything.  Because we were able to make the switch quickly there was no loss of data.

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