Home working with poor internet?

Don’t let poor internet slow you down!

50% off your first month*

Working from home can be stressful enough without your crucial meeting buffering on you – or dropping out altogether.

As a local independent Managed Service Provider we are not tied to any carrier and can provide the best service for your needs, including backup internet in case your main line drops out.


How we can help

Business broadband at home

We can provide fibre business broadband at your house allowing you to work without the thought that someone may be using all your bandwidth streaming Netflix.


4G Broadband

Is broadband slow in your area or do you need a temporary solution? Our 4G broadband solution may be the answer, with one-month contracts available.


Business Broadband with 4G Backup

If you need to always be online, our Fibre Business Broadband with automatic 4G Backup is the best solution for you.


Customer  testimonial

Take a look at the testimonial we received from Meghan Murray who needed a stable internet connection with a broadband backup solution to help her with teaching from home without any issues.

We currently provide Meghan with our Fibre Broadband package and 4G Backup Broadband, which allows her to work from home using applications such as Microsoft Teams without interruption.

Watch the video to learn more.

Customer case study

Case study

Find out how we took a customer, who’s office is as rural as you can get, from 1Mbps download speed to around 30Mbps on average with our 4G Broadband solution.

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About Us

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Our mission is to provide excellent customer support for all business IT services. With a small UK based support team, our customers know who to turn to for advice and support and are not caught ‘piggy in the middle’ between different suppliers.

*50% off first month offer excludes any one-off costs such as installation fee’s & device purchases. Offer only applies to customers who sign up before midnight on the 1st December 2020.