Why having a professional email can help your business


Did you know that you can get an email that matches your website address or company name? The chances are you were already aware of that, but did you know that having a professional email can dramatically help your business?

The advantages of a professional email

Example of a standard email compared to a professional email:

Standard email example: globe2@outlook.com (we do not own this, please do not send an email to this address!).
Professional email example: info@globe2.net or info@globe2.co.uk.

  • Look more professional with an email that includes your brand name.
  • Having a professional email separately from your personal email, can help you become more efficient because you can see and search for all your business emails in a few taps.
  • Allow customers to find you faster. If you were to include your company name in your email a customer can search for your company and find your email faster.
  • Set-up retention policies which can help you become GDPR compliant (available with an Exchange Email)

Ever heard of a Exchange Email?

We always recommend customers to purchase an Exchange email account from us as this helps you stay organised and in control with its advanced threat and spam protection as well as a focused inbox which separates normal emails from newsletters.

An Exchange Email has allows you to have a calendar and for it to sync between all your devices. For example, if you add a meeting to your calendar from your mobile it will show on your computer.

More advantages of an Exchange email can be found here.

How much is a professional Exchange Email Account?

Professional email£4.99 + VAT per user, per month. This includes on email account with a massive 50GB storage and includes the online version of Outlook to help you manage your email.

Is there a set-up cost?

No, as long as your account has under 50 emails then we will be happy to assist.

Is there a support cost?

No, support for your account is included by our UK business support team.

How to get started

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