Case study: Nigel Ord-Smith Photography. An alternative to slow broadband


Rural broadband alternative

Nigel Ord-Smith Photography‘s studio is located in an old farm building and is as rural as you can get, with corresponding slow broadband. Using the regular Openreach regular network he could only get ADSL with 1 mb download speeds. As a photographer using large file high resolution media, the poor broadband was restrictive to his business.

Nigel, who has been a loyal customer since 2011 (many thanks!), required a solution that allowed him to send large files easily and with our alternative solution to slow broadband we managed to help him out.

The solution:
We looked at a number of options. As a single building with no neighbours, a leased line was considered too expensive. Satellite was considered, but required the permission of the landlord to put up a dish on the building and the data packages available at the time made it unattractive. The solution was unlimited 4G, 5G ready, broadband.

This service required no third part install or additional wiring, included a business-grade router that could integrate with his network and gave Nigel an immediate speed boost to 30Mb download.

Unlimited 4G, 5G ready, broadband:

Our unlimited alternative solution to slow broadband is perfect for anyone who cannot get fibre broadband. We are happy to offer a no-obligation site review to check what speeds you can get in your area*.

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