How can I setup call forwarding easily?


A call forwarding case study : Workshacks

The client

Workshacks is a company specialising in the creation of wooden structures for the garden which can be suitably fitted out as an office or additional room for the house.

Owner Guy Giffard-Tiney runs Workshacks from home and faced the same problem that many homeworkers face – he wanted to give clients a landline telephone number to call which was only associated with his business. To cater for this he had a second telephone line installed from his existing telecoms provider.

The job spec

When we were asked to review his setup it was based primarily on cost: he had opted for an 0845 number on the basis that his company can offer their services nationwide, but he was being charged in effect for TWO lines, one to handle the calls and one for the 0845 number.

The solution

For a small initial charge we were able to transfer his 0845 number into our system to ensure continuity to his brand and so that any promotional material did not need to be re-printed with a new number.

The client decided that the best solution for him was simply to forward calls onto his other line, this meant no additional phone hardware was required and it kept his setup costs to a minimum.

The client was notified in advance of the day of the transfer, and on the day the line switched over with minimal downtime.

The result

“I have been delighted with the service from Globe2. The installation was quick and simple and my monthly bills have decreased by almost 90%! I can’t recommend them enough!”

Guy Giffard-Tiney,

Work Shacks

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