Case study: Can I have one account for operators in multiple locations?


A unified telecommunications case study : Selfcateringhols

The client

Selfcateringhols is an established online portal handling bookings for holiday accommodation in the UK, Europe and further afield.
The job spec
With a global client and supplier base and a geographically diverse workforce the  company was looking for the best way to handle incoming and outgoing calls whilst keeping cost to a minimum.
The solution

The client was able to chose a telephone number for customers and suppliers to call – they chose an 01234 number, which is for the Bedord area, because it was easy to remember.

Each member of the team was supplied with a telephone – this meant sending phones to Spain, the United States, South Africa and also the UK.


We setup a customer switchboard, so that customers could select if they were an owner needing help with the property listing, or a customer wanting to book, with calls routed to the appropriate phones.

For the main sales channel the client wanted all calls to go to their primary sales operator; if the phone was not answered within a certain period of time the call was then routed so that all available sales phones started ringing simultaneously. If the calls was still not answered the call went to voicemail, with all sales rep’s sent an email with the voicemail as an attachment.

Each phone had it’s own extension, so a sales rep could give a customer their extension to ensure that the client could contact them directly and not have to speak to another rep with their enquiry. In addition every rep had their individual voicemail inbox.


Each of the client’s sales rep’s had a list of enquiries to work to and this involved calling suppliers and also customers worldwide – from a number of different locations.

Our system meant that every phone would display the same 01234 number when dialing out, regardless of location, whether they were in the UK, Spain or the US. This ensured customers had one central point of contact.


All internal calls are free, so if you needed a two hour teleconference call with colleagues in another country cost was not a factor.


With so many people in diverse locations making calls it was important for the central management to be able to see what was going on – with our online interface we are able to offer near real-time reporting of calls in and out and also summary information of the most prolific callers, the most expensive numbers dialed etc.

The result

Switching to Globe2 means we can now route incoming calls to the next available operator seamlessly – it’s a business grade telecoms system for less than we imagined possible.”

Sue Andrews

Sales Director, Selfcateringhols