Free conference number to help you work from home.


Here at Globe2, we wanted to help businesses adapt to working from home and so we are offering a conference call number for free to all our existing customers (and new) who use our HVS telephone system and not our legacy telephony solution.

What will I get?

We are giving away a free UC team license (AKA Conference license), to help you work from home. Meaning you can arrange team meetings or hold a conference call with a customer at no charge.

The license will remain free of charge until the start of July. Giving you a little over 3 months to enjoy conferencing at no cost. After the free period ends it is your choice whether you want to cancel or continue using the feature at a cost of £4.99 (+ VAT) per conference room.

How many conferencing rooms can I get?

Up to 5 for free.

How can I get my free conference number?

Simply get in touch and we will be happy to set this feature up for you. Just let us know which user on the phone system you would like this setting up for and we will do the rest.