8 Benefits of using Managed IT Services

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What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services are any technical operations you outsource to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSPs provide various solutions, including Connectivity, Hosting, Phone Systems or Security. They are responsible for managing, maintaining those services and providing support.

Benefits of using Managed IT Services:

  1. Expertise
    For most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) hiring an IT professional or a team of them is too expensive. However, using an MSP means you can have access to that expertise for a much more affordable and predictable monthly cost.
  2. Single Point of Contact
    Contact the same trusted and reliable support team by opting to use the same Managed Service Provider for all your IT requirements. When things go wrong the last thing you want is to be sent back and forth from one provider to another. At Globe2 we are consistently rated highly for our support.
  3. Future proof, Up-to-Date Technology
    Keeping up to date with technology can be a hassle. Luckily, if you are using an MSP that responsibility falls on them. On top of benefiting from their top of the market equipment and software, they will also keep you in the loop if anything needs updating on your end.
  4. Reduced Costs
    Paying IT staff monthly is more expensive than using an IT Service Provider. Additionally, creating a brand new IT department for your business requires a lot of capital. Think hardware, software, space and staff costs combined. No surprise many businesses opt to use an MSP instead.
  5. Disaster Prevention
    IT service providers are in the business of setting up professional IT infrastructures. Therefore, their data centres will usually be more robust and secure than regular enterprise ones. Because of this, if disaster strikes you are more likely to retain some functionality. Your MSP can also keep backups of your data stored safely in the cloud to restore it in the event of data loss.
  6. Scalability
    As your business grows you will need to anticipate technological requirements outgrowing your available resources. Likewise, you may need to downscale. MSPs provide you with support and services as needed and will help you maintain productivity and reduce downtimes.
  7. Free Up Time
    One of the biggest benefits is the amount of time you save. By outsourcing your technical operations, you will free up a significant amount of your time. Time you should be spending planning and doing things that will grow your company.
  8. Going Green
    By using external data centres and virtual platforms for your applications you benefit from massive power saving. This results in lower carbon footprint and costs to your business.

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